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Yes, I am a writer!

It’s an exciting thing coming back to Medium to write after all these years. The thought and action bring excitement and joy to share my journey as I 100X my life. As a relatively new and…
Yes, I am a writer!
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It’s an exciting thing coming writing again after all these years. The thought and action bring excitement and joy to share my journey as I 100X my life.

As a relatively new and inexperienced writer, I feel a sense of overwhelm and nervousness about how my written word will sound and be received.

Accomplished or not. This is the platform for writers. It’s a place to come and share stories and practice the written word.

Whatever the reason or goal, everyone here who is publishing and it’s a beautiful thing!

It’s ALSO intimidating.

I am a naturally outgoing person, a podcaster and an energetic speaker. Writing makes me very conscientious of how my voice will sound in the written form.

And not only that, my return has challenged me to identify myself as a writer, which I currently do not… yet.

It reminds me of when I started running and training for my first marathon ten years ago.

Running, like writing, was not something I liked to do. It was challenging, easy to stop and just not fun.

Getting into running was an audacious thing for me because I had torn both my Achilles's tendons. And decided to have them both repaired over a twelve-month period through a voluntary operation.

My Achilles tendons were in horrible shape where the internal scar tissues were so swollen that it was difficult for me to walk. More on this another time.

Ten years ago, if you told me that I would have completed four marathons (Toronto, New York, Chicago and Berlin) and a dozen half-marathons, 10K and 5K races, I would not believe you.

Even after running a few races, I still did not identify myself as a runner. I only viewed myself as someone who is “trying to run”.

Family, friends and colleagues would all comment on how much running I did, yet I never thought of myself as a runner.

I mean, there were so many other people who were faster, stronger and much more accomplished than me.

But after finishing the New York marathon, I was so inspired and proud that I wrote a speech for my Toastmasters club.

In the speech, the first sentence read:

“I am a runner.”

What changed? It’s not like I got faster, stronger or more accomplished.

My outlook changed after completing my second marathon. A world-renowned marathon.

It was great. It was life-changing.

But hearing those words come out of my mouth during the speech changed how I identified with myself.

Looking back, I should have declared it years before completing the New York City marathon because I was and am a runner.

And saying it out loud is just as important as doing it.

With that, I am declaring to the world, right now, right here, on the largest platform of writers:


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