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I’ve been able to accomplish more than ever

Cafe 100X is the fastest growing virtual coworking community for multipassionates on Discord. Connect, cowork and celebrate while living the 100X life
I’ve been able to accomplish more than ever

I recently launched Cafe 100X, a virtual coworking community on Discord, and I have never been more productive than ever.

The cafe has proved helpful for someone who identifies as a multipassionate, who LOVES to do many things and lacks attention due to new shiny objects.

The initial idea came when I turned to Twitch during Covid (oh no, not another Covid19 moment). The effects of Covid sent DJs nowhere to play, so they all started to stream Live sets, which was terrific as I was getting tired of playlists of full songs. I mean, who doesn’t like curated music mixed by a DJ to create a mood for the moment.

As I spent more time in Twitch, I realized how amazing the community was there. Everyone was supportive and encouraging for those who streamed.

And not only that, the successful streamers were just being themselves (which is much more complicated than you think) versus showing up and performing or being Instagram ready.

That’s when I had an aha moment. I will create a coworking stream to invite people to focus.

Click here to check out the grand opening clip of Cafe 100X

I started to stream, ran pomodoros (focus timers) and invited family, friends, and colleagues to join.

But, not too many people showed. It was streaming on a network platform that many didn’t know unless you were a gamer.

What is a Virtual Coworking Space

First off, virtual coworking spaces are online platforms that allow you to get your group together on Zoom, FaceTime or any similar communication platform.

The problem with that is finding friends, coworkers or colleagues who want to join. It’s similar to the challenge of getting my network to connect on Twitch.

So even if you want to get productive but want to do it with other like-minded people, how would you find them?

Enter the Cafe 100X Coworking Community

Cafe 100X Virtual Cowrking Community in Discord

I created Cafe 100X as an open space for people to come together to connect, cowork and celebrate while focusing on the things that matter most.

As a multipassionte, it’s sometimes difficult to get people to understand that you have many interests and passions.

Coworking Spaces

Like any cafe, we have a variety of ways to get your work done. We have The Bar, Open Table and Focus Booths that can connect with audio and video.

We have some patrons who like to jump into the Focus Booth and turn on their cameras. Like at the cafe, library or office, you know people are watching, so it gets you focused.

Along with the spaces mentioned above, the cafe allows you to create your own space to invite coworkers, collaborators or friends to focus with you.

Pomodoro Timers

The Pomodoro technique is a powerful productivity and focuses tool that works on predefined intervals of break. We have an automated bot to set up your pomodoros for you, with features like weekly check-ins or alerts when it’s time!

Declaring Your Daily Goals

There are several text channels from general to sharing your creations to travel destinations.

The most potent text channel is the “daily goals” channel. I use this every day.
It is a public declaration of what you are focusing on today. What are your goals?

We all have to-do lists which, quite frankly, we either do or don’t. But when you put it out to the world, make it public and declare it, it is the most impactful thing you can do.

Join the Community

As I write this, Cafe 100X is approximately two months old, and we have grown to over 350 members. It’s a thriving and growing community, and I am keen to co-create with the cafe’s patrons.

If you have read this far, I invite you to come to join and help me co-create the community to build an online home for multipassionate people to connect, cowork and celebrate while living the 100X life.

Click here to join the fastest growing virtual coworking community on Discord.